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knittedyarns Farewell to The Point NYC

It’s amazing how fast The Point NYC went from bustling knitting cafe bursting with color to a shell of a store with white painted bricks. Less than a week earlier, The Point NYC was filled with new fibers such as corn and sugar cane and knitting supplies that arrived daily. Knitters and other fiber enthusiasts occupied every chair in the cafe and worked fueled by caffeine and fiber fumes.

On Wednesday evening, April 29th, the store was the location of celebration

knittedyarns Knitting the Ties that Bind-Sisters in String

Knitters are an interesting sisterhood (I don’t mean to snub any male knitters but they tend to be a minority.) Wherever we are, knitters seem to find each other and are able to bond on the shared hobby. Since starting to knit again three years ago, knitting has extended to fill otherwise occupied time such […]