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knittedyarns Fuschia Nightsong Shawl Runs Out of Beads-FO

Fushia Nightsong Shawl with Beads. Additional insights about beading and what do to when you run short of beads.

knittedyarns 4 Hints When Knitting With Beads-Nightsong Lace Shawl

4 Hints regarding how to add beads to knitted lace using a crochet hook

knittedyarns Maine Bound Knitting

Visiting our friends in York, ME has become a mid-July event where we combine great friends, ocean air, good food and knitting. As a surprise, I brought my friend Amanda the set of Heirloom Lace Placemats. Unfortunately, I miscalculated my knitting time and was shy of finishing the last placemat. Despite my efforts to knit […]

knittedyarns 2009 Knitting Resolutions…Thinking about knitting and yarn

Since I got married earlier this year, my 2008 knitting resolutions were relatively succient and wedding related. I knitted the Essential Tank Top and started the Lily of the Valley Shawl (which now languishes as a UFO). As for the Silk Ribbed Corset, I decided to frog it after several attempts (and bought a beautiful […]

knittedyarns Purple Chevron Ribbed Sweater Stitched Up

Since we don’t celebrate Christmas, December 25th is a great time for knitting projects. This year, I spent the day sewing together my purple chevron ribbed sweater. I finished knitting and blocking it in mid November. For some reason, I wasn’t inspired to finish putting it together which is unusual for me.  The wonderful sunlight streaming into my mother’s […]

knittedyarns Knitting on Fair Harbor Beach in September

We managed to get one more weekend on the beach to get away from New York City and enjoy the lapping waves. September is a great time to go to Fire Island since the beach is empty except for the few brave souls enjoying the peaceful rhythm of the sands.  Of course, since I’m always […]

knittedyarns Chevron Rib Tank Grows Sleeves

On the way home from dinner with friends, we walked past Eileen Fisher. In the window, there was  a ribbed long sleeve sweater in the new gold and brick red colors of fall.  The ribs met at an angle across the front. This inspired me to make a long sleeve sweater with ribs using the purple […]

knittedyarns Maine Bound Knitters

For our annual summer pilgrimage to visit friends in York, Maine, we rented a car in Stamford (much cheaper for those of you New York City residents). My husband drove while I knitted and navigated. Since my friend Amanda and I were aiming to go shop at Tess Yarns in Portland, we were under time […]

knittedyarns 2008 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Yesterday, I got up at the crack of dawn and I joined a bus load of New York City knitters, crocheters and spinners to head down to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. My friend Kathy got me involved in this woderful journey four years ago. This is an annual pilgrimage for me. This year, I persuaded […]