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knittedyarns Dad's Noro Vest Sewn Up

One challenge in knitting a man, especially one who is over 6′ tall, is that a lot of knitting is required to cover their bodies. My dad’s vest was no exception! Fortunately, I was able to get a lot of knitting done on my flight to and from San Francisco. Lots of flight time and […]

knittedyarns Dad's Vest-The Saga Begins…

Since there’s no persuading dad that he could use a new sweater, especially one knit by me, my boyfriend suggested I make my dad a vest. (Even though, every time we see him during the cooler monthes, he seems to be wearing a sweater that has made a few moths a VERY good meal!) During […]

knittedyarns Happy New Vest Dad

L’shannah tovah to those celebrating Rosh Hashannah. We visited my parents where my mother’s cooking¬†combined old and new traditions.¬†There was her homemade matzo ball soup and pasta pudding (which is my nephew’s name for old fashion noodle kugel). In addition, we had cornish hens and cold poached salmon with a cucumber dill sauce. Mom and […]