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knittedyarns Webs Tent Sale Means Yarn Adventure

Webs is every knitters’ idea of heaven with a wide variety of yarns and brands including a great selection of related tools like knitting needles and looms. In addition to the quantity discount, they have a warehouse filled with discounted items and cones of fiber. For me, it’s a treasure hunt. Being fortunate to have […]

knittedyarns 2008 FOs and UFOs

As 2008 draws to a close, I have been reviewing my knitting for the year and my growing list of UFOs. Due to our wedding, much of the first half of the year was focused on the big event. As a result, 2008 was not as productive as 2007 in terms of finished objects (aka […]

knittedyarns Leaf Lace Kimono Finished

I was enticed to knit this pattern based on commentary in Knitting Daily and Ravelry.    Despite my swatching before starting, the actual piece and the measurements that I expected it to be were significantly different. In large part, I attribute this to the lace and how it blossomed. Also, the pattern is meant to […]

knittedyarns Cook Island Honeymoon Knitted

The love that filled our wedding amazed us and filled us with joy. Despite being the hottest day of the summer (although it was the first weekend in June), the celebration went off with relatively few hitches!   We were glad that we had a few days to acclimate and get things in order before […]

knittedyarns Honeymoon Knitting Planned

While many of my knitting friends think that I’m off my rocker to think about knitting on my honeymoon, they overlook the fact that our honeymoon to the Cook Islands involves a lot of flying and airport time. Our flight to Rarotonga leaves from Los Angeles where we’re visiting family and friends and we’re coming […]

knittedyarns Jean Moss' Sculptured Knits Discovered

Rains have swept through New York City and between the rain drops the sky is gray as it was blotted with grey cotton. I had harbored hopes of heading out to Paterson, NJ where Silk City Fibers is having their monthly sale but the weather is a deterent (as is the pile of midterms that […]

knittedyarns Stash Enhancement-President's Weekend Sale at The Point

The Point used President’s Day to clean out its winter inventory. According to Manager Patty Lyons, there was a line of knitters waiting for her when she arrived to open up. Most of the time that I was there, there was a line to check out.  One woman happened to come in to purchase some […]

knittedyarns Knitting Across Oak Park – Soccer Moms, Mexican Food, Cappucino and Beads

As an added bonus to my Omaha trip, I stopped in Chicago on my way home to visit close friends in Oak Park where I can have stuffed pizza and Mexican food! On the trip from Omaha to Chicago, I sat opposite a woman who crocheted a baby cap while I worked on my Fishtail […]

knittedyarns Dad's Noro Vest Sewn Up

One challenge in knitting a man, especially one who is over 6′ tall, is that a lot of knitting is required to cover their bodies. My dad’s vest was no exception! Fortunately, I was able to get a lot of knitting done on my flight to and from San Francisco. Lots of flight time and […]

knittedyarns Dad's Vest-The Saga Begins…

Since there’s no persuading dad that he could use a new sweater, especially one knit by me, my boyfriend suggested I make my dad a vest. (Even though, every time we see him during the cooler monthes, he seems to be wearing a sweater that has made a few moths a VERY good meal!) During […]