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knittedyarns Happy 4th of July from New York City-Knitting Included!

Happy July 4th! I wish you all the best. Here’s the shot of the Empire State Building which gets wrapped in different colors every night. Working on the lighting must be like working a wonderful color pattern in light instead of yarn! I hope that you all had a wonderful time. One thing about holidays […]

knittedyarns Think BIG Knitting Projects-Betty's Upper Westside Afghan

Before the pain of The Point’s closing could sink in, I dropped by Knitty City to hear Betty talk about her afghan. One thing that Knitty City does a wonderful job is displaying samples of various knitting projects as well as colorful swatches to entice you to use the fibers. I arrived just in time […]

knittedyarns D is for Decreases

  D is for decreases which are critical to shaping knitted pieces and lace. But D is also for daffodils which have opened their faces to the sun along the border of Bryant Park in New York City. It’s a wonderful sign that spring is here (even if it doesn’t feel that way!) Even more […]

knittedyarns C is for Color

Color is a critical component of any knitting project. It’s what attracts us as knitters. It’s part of the inspiration and joy. Walk into any yarn store and the first thing that strikes you is the colors of the yarn despite the fact that most stores are organized by fiber type and brand. Tess’ Designs […]

knittedyarns 7 Reasons to Like Subway Knitting

  New York City subway rides can be long and boring, especially on weekends when it seems like at least one of the trains that you need to take is being re-routed for system repairs. I find that keeping a small knitting project in my bag is a great way to make every trip pleasurable. […]