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knittedyarns Moss Green Colonade

Stephen West’s Colonnade Shawl from Knitty was on my knitting wish list for a while. This fall, I looked for aran weight wool it required at a number of my yarn stops. The Fleece Artist aran weight blue face leicester I bought at Loopy Yarns was a perfect fit and a helpful member of Ravelry […]

knittedyarns Loopy Yarns – Chicago LYS

Loopy Yarns is a wonderful Chicago yarn store that I visited. It’s still a wonderful place for knitters…

knittedyarns B is for Balls of Yarn, Baskets of Yarn & Bags of Yarn

When it comes to Bs and knitting, there are lots of choices. Living in a New York City apartment where space is at a premium (even with a stash-friendly husband), balls of yarn, baskets of yarn and bags of yarn rule. They are more of an organizing principle which is critical space is limited and […]

knittedyarns In Praise of Ravelry

I heard about Ravelry when I signed up for a Knitted Lingerie KAL last September. While I haven’t become a power user nor have I uploaded my stash and projects, I find it a great resource  as a knitter.  Ravelry has functionality to track your stash, needles and  knitting projects. Further, there is an abundance […]

knittedyarns Knitting Adventure in the Chicago Loop

My friend Amanda and I used our session at the 2007 DMA Annual where we spoke on next generation web strategies as an excuse for another yarn adventure. Since Amanda had presented over the weekend, she had spent Monday indulging in some shopping therapy (aka exploring Chicago) where she scoped out a couple of yarn […]