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knittedyarns Read Any Good Knitting Books Lately? – The 2008 Knitting Bookshelf

2008 was a great year for enhancing my knitting library. I attribute this to my interest in learning more about lace knitting and to expanding my other knitting skills.   Here’s the list of knitting books that I acquired this year. I have broadly categorized them.   Lace Knitting  Lace Knitting of Estonia by Nancy […]

knittedyarns Jean Moss' Sculptured Knits Discovered

Rains have swept through New York City and between the rain drops the sky is gray as it was blotted with grey cotton. I had harbored hopes of heading out to Paterson, NJ where Silk City Fibers is having their monthly sale but the weather is a deterent (as is the pile of midterms that […]