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knittedyarns More Estonian Lace Inspired Shawl KAL Eye Candy

While I didn’t have a lot of time to stop by The Point this week, I was able to get a photo of Georgia’s first repeat of the Estonian Lace in magnificent purple. Other knitting friends have been joining us on this lace journey.      Looking at several repeats, we thought that the Estonian […]

knittedyarns Estonian Lace Inspired Shawl KAL-Eye Candy

  Since it’s difficult to visualize a lace pattern without seeing it in the light of day, here’s what one repeat (or 34 rows) of the center pattern look like. In this photo, you can see two repeats (as marked by the green stitch markers.)  I love the way that the Brooklyn Handspun has a […]

knittedyarns Estonian Lace Scarf Inspired Shawl KAL Begins-Please join us!

  The Estonian Lace Scarf Inspired Shawl KAL begins. You’re invited to join us. I am so excited since this is my first KAL and I’m the one who has written the instructions.   I am knitting the shawl using sock yarn (aka fingering weight). I am using the Brooklyn Handspun which I bought at The […]

knittedyarns Estonian Lace Scarf Inspired Shawl KAL

A few of my knitting buddies and I are planning to start an Estonian Lace KAL inspired by the Triinu Shawl that I made my mother. As the basis for the pattern that we plan to knit, we are using The Estonian Lace Scarf by Helene Wallin 2006. It has 21 projects on Ravelry.

The Estonian Lace Scarf contains three different lace patterns and requires grafting (a no-no in my book, at least for now). Therefore, I’ve made some modifications to create a no-grafting needed Estonian Lace Shawl.

Estonian Lace Scarf Inspired Shawl Notes Source: http://entill.typepad.com/estonian_lacescarf.pdf

Two other online sources that might be of use:

Estonian Lace Study Good for visual help

Create Along Good for documenting lace patterns

Disclaimer: I am knitting this shawl for the first time as my friends in yarn and I progress. I am working ahead of them to ensure that any potential glitches will be worked out in advance.

Estonian Lace Scarf Inspired Shawl Modifications by Heidi Cohen

Yarn requirements: (Note: This is a work in progress so that actual results may vary.) Use about 1,000 yards of sock or lace weight yarn. The choice of yarn depends on the type of shawl that you want to create. In addition, you will need scrap yarn for the provisional cast on.

knittedyarns Mom Models Triinu Sharf

I made the pink and purple Triinu Shawl from Nancy Bush’s Lace Knitting of Estonia as a holiday surprise for my mother.  My surprise was her willingness to model it for my blog! (Don’t tell anyone but I think she really enjoyed it.) As my mother requested, I am still working on a black Shetland […]

knittedyarns Triinu Shawl in Pinks Becomes Blocked Beauty

Since my mother wanted a shawl that was at least six feet long, I used eight of the ten balls of Grignasco Top Print for the main portion of the Triinu Shawl which measured about 70 inches before I added the edging lace.  Adding the border was easy since the top portion was a continuation […]

knittedyarns Triinu Shawl-3 Nupp Helpful Tips

I am really enjoying knitting the Triinu Shawl from Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia (Word is that it flies off the shelves of yarns stores.) The joy of this project is threefold: knitting lace using a fingerling/sport weight yarn, watching the unusual red/purple colorway evolve, and conquering Estonian nupps. Grignasco’s Top Print is composed […]

knittedyarns New Project from Nancy Bush Book-Triinu Scarf Started

This weekend, I spent time going through my lace knitting books and searching the web and Ravelry for a lace shawl pattern. I knew that I wanted to knit a rectangular shawl for my mother. Since my mother wanted a scarf that was at least six feet long, I didn’t want to deal with knitting […]