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knittedyarns Continental Knitting-How I learned that I was knitting wrong

Being left-handed, I have spent most of my life doing physical activities “the opposite way” since most people are right-handed. My mother tried knitting left handed to help me overcome that hurdle, without success. Instead, I picked up a set of yellow plastic knitting needles and a horrid cone of ¬†acrylic yarn (I cringe at […]

knittedyarns Good-bye Purl By the Sea-Another Local Yarn Store Closes

Despite the forecasts for heavy rain, my husband and I took off Friday and headed out to Montauk for one last visit to Purl By the Sea before Nora Franzetti closed its doors. Ever since we first discovered Purl By the Sea nestled behind the main drag in Montauk, it’s been the bright spot in […]

knittedyarns Mom's Black Lace Scarf Progresses

Before starting the black lace scarf for my mother, I spent a lot of time going through my various knitting books focused on lace shawls and stitch guides. Since I was going to be knitting in black, I wanted an easy pattern that only needed a few rows of pattern. I started out assuming that […]