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knittedyarns 2007 – The Year in Yarn

Looking back, 2007 was a year where my knitting made significant progress. When I consider the projects that I completed this year, I wonder where I found the time to make them all! By category, here are my 2007 finished objects: SWEATERS Black and Red with Fair Isle Crewneck Sweater – Made from Karabella cashmere […]

knittedyarns Knitted Lingerie Style Laced-Front Sweater-Finished!

The Laced-Front Sweater from Knitted Lingerie Style is finally a sweater! I really enjoyed knitting the Brooks Farm Harmony and love the way that the rose and brown colorway worked for this pattern. I was surprised at how long it took me to sew together the sweater and knit the i-cord.  At first, I was […]

knittedyarns Laced-Front Sweater Comes Together

One of the benefits of knitting the Laced-Front Sweater is learning how to do an i-cord, which, after the initial thrill of creating a cord, is rather boring and best accomplished on subways and other means of transportation. I-cord in process At Jennifer’s recommendation, I measured the placement of the loops for the laced-front at […]

knittedyarns All Sewn Up – WIP Transformed into Sweaters

Saturday, I gave myself permission to spend a full Saturday afternoon at The Point knitting without feeling guilty. Unfortunately, Knitting Daily’s recent posts regarding UFOs (or more affectionately known as Unfinished Objects for the uninitiated) caused me to reconsider my “completed” Cross Your Heart sweater and Lace-Front sweater as UFOs. BTW, as a marketer, I […]

knittedyarns Columbus Day Weekend on Fire Island- Knitting at the Water's Edge

With the warm fall weather, bordering on summery, we decided to sneak in a couple of last days of sun on the beach in Fire Island. Despite the warm weather, the town was closed tight except for the restaurant when we arrived in the late afternoon. Here’s the beach house awaiting our arrival:   Fortunately, […]

knittedyarns Laced-Front Sweater Knitted Up

Back from my two day San Francisco trek, I indulged in an afternoon at The Point with my knitting friends. It seemed like I hadn’t been around for ages! I took the day off from working (which is easy to do when you take a red eye from the west coast) and need to get […]

knittedyarns Beach Knitting Again…Back to Fire Island

We’ve been able to squeeze in another couple of days on Fire Island  as the summer flickers away. While my boyfriend was windsurfing on the bay experiencing some of the best wind he’s had all summer, I’ve been seated by the ocean’s edge knitting in summer’s fleeting warmth. The ocean on Fire Island reflects the winds that […]

knittedyarns Changes…Knitting Lingerie Style's Lace-Front Sweater Begins

In addition to swatching for my Laced-Front Sweater from Knitting Lingerie Style (since my stitches always differ from the suggestions on labels and/or yarn websites), I’m  modifying the pattern slightly. The Laced-Front Sweater uses negative ease to accentuate the female form. Further, it’s knit straight to the bust to highlight the corset-like form. Since I plan to […]

knittedyarns Looking Ahead to Next Project from Knitted Lingerie

My brother recently sent me Joan McGowan-Michael’s Knitted Lingerie book for my birthday. The book is truly knitting eye candy!  Joan organized the book around the different items of women’s lingerie. In many cases, her patterns creatively use the lingerie as inspiration for her design. Contrary to what you may think, many of the book’s patterns may […]