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knittedyarns C is for Cotton

  C is for cotton, a wonderful fiber for knitting. (While an ABC along should only have one entry per letter  I couldn’t resist.) For me, knitting with cotton symbolizes the beginning of summer and the rich vibrant colors that accompany it. Like any fiber, cotton has its pros and cons. From my perspective, they […]

knittedyarns A is for Armholes

Inspired by my friend Mary at the Knit and Snit blog, I’m joining another Ravelry Group, the ABC-Along 2009. A is for  armholes. Havng grown up with sleeves that were never long enough, it seems that almost every sweater I knit I make the sleeves too long. In part, this is due to the fact […]

knittedyarns Jean Moss Saffron Tunic in Beige Cotton

Knitting a wool sweater during the summer  is difficult, even if it’s August and stores are starting to show the next season’s rich colors. It’s still too hot to think about heavier fibers and, if you knit on the beach as I do, using wools and other winter fibers makes your hands sweat (sorry to […]

knittedyarns Philadelphia Yarn Adventure-Rosie's Yarn Cellar & Loop Yarns

My friend Amanda and I use our speaking engagements as an excuse for knitting and scouting out new shops. Our talks at the TS2 in Philadelphia was no exception!   You must understand that the journey itself is an excuse to get knitting done in planes, trains, and automobiles. Before leaving, it helps to plan […]