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knittedyarns 2008 FOs and UFOs

As 2008 draws to a close, I have been reviewing my knitting for the year and my growing list of UFOs. Due to our wedding, much of the first half of the year was focused on the big event. As a result, 2008 was not as productive as 2007 in terms of finished objects (aka […]

knittedyarns Columbus Day Weekend on Fire Island- Knitting at the Water's Edge

With the warm fall weather, bordering on summery, we decided to sneak in a couple of last days of sun on the beach in Fire Island. Despite the warm weather, the town was closed tight except for the restaurant when we arrived in the late afternoon. Here’s the beach house awaiting our arrival:   Fortunately, […]

knittedyarns Beach Knitting Again…Back to Fire Island

We’ve been able to squeeze in another couple of days on Fire Island  as the summer flickers away. While my boyfriend was windsurfing on the bay experiencing some of the best wind he’s had all summer, I’ve been seated by the ocean’s edge knitting in summer’s fleeting warmth. The ocean on Fire Island reflects the winds that […]

knittedyarns Bamboo Socks-Vacation Souvenir

When it comes to knitting, I must admit that I don’t get the sock thing. With the wide array of great new sock yarns and the fact that one can rationalize that it doesn’t really count as stash, I am always enticed to purchase sock yarn. Since it takes me about a year to knit a pair of socks (while […]