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knittedyarns Happy Valentine’s Day in Cake

I couldn’t resist sharing a few edible valentine’s treats to celebrate the occasion. While it may not be as satisfying as eating them, it’s a LOT less calories! Photographs (c) 2010 Knitted Yarns – all rights reserved

knittedyarns Happy 4th of July from New York City-Knitting Included!

Happy July 4th! I wish you all the best. Here’s the shot of the Empire State Building which gets wrapped in different colors every night. Working on the lighting must be like working a wonderful color pattern in light instead of yarn! I hope that you all had a wonderful time. One thing about holidays […]

knittedyarns Amigurumi-Science of Little Crocheted Animals

  Amigurumi are small crocheted animals. Making these small creatures is a fad that has made it’s way across the Pacific. Not all of the animals have real counterparts.   This month, their presence keeps expanding at my favorite knitting store, The Point.  Many of the creators tend to be young girls who pick lush […]

knittedyarns Happy Chinese New Year-Year of the Ox

  We celebrated the Chinese New Year by having dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant on Ninth Avenue. It’s the year of the ox. Even the Empire State Building was dressed in red and yellow for  the occasion.

knittedyarns Obama Inauguration-History is made!

Participating in President Barack Obama’s inauguration remotely from our living room in New York City (which left me able to still knit Dad’s Classic Ribbed Knit Sweater) was extremely exciting. You could feel the excitement of the crowd gathered in Washington, DC. Having watched Obama’s travel from Philadelphia to Washington and listened to his inspiring […]

knittedyarns Proud to be a New Yorker-There's a plane in the Hudson

  While this blog is focused on yarn related activities, it’s worth taking a moment to give a special note of thanks to those involved in saving of the crew and passengers of US Airways Flight 1549 without serious injuries. From the emergency landing in the middle of the Hudson River to the ferries and […]