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knittedyarns Continental Knitting-How I learned that I was knitting wrong

Being left-handed, I have spent most of my life doing physical activities “the opposite way” since most people are right-handed. My mother tried knitting left handed to help me overcome that hurdle, without success. Instead, I picked up a set of yellow plastic knitting needles and a horrid cone of  acrylic yarn (I cringe at […]

knittedyarns Good-bye Purl By the Sea-Another Local Yarn Store Closes

Despite the forecasts for heavy rain, my husband and I took off Friday and headed out to Montauk for one last visit to Purl By the Sea before Nora Franzetti closed its doors. Ever since we first discovered Purl By the Sea nestled behind the main drag in Montauk, it’s been the bright spot in […]

knittedyarns F is for Fiber, Fiber Festivals and Fiber Farms

When it comes to writing about fiber, I could go on and on filling miles of online space as I’m sure many of you could as well. There’s the wonderful stuff that we find at Sheep & Wool Festivals that comes from the people who raise the animals or dye  it using a wonderful palette […]

knittedyarns Rowan International Membership

  Friends passed along a great tip which I’m sharing with all of you Rowan lovers out there. Rowan offers an International Membership  for 25 UK pounds (given the current exchange rates is about US $35.00!). This membership gives you two copies of their semi-annual magazine which is more of a book than a magazine […]

knittedyarns Mom Models Triinu Sharf

I made the pink and purple Triinu Shawl from Nancy Bush’s Lace Knitting of Estonia as a holiday surprise for my mother.  My surprise was her willingness to model it for my blog! (Don’t tell anyone but I think she really enjoyed it.) As my mother requested, I am still working on a black Shetland […]

knittedyarns New Knitting Book for 2009 – aka What to do with the leftover yarn from your larger projects!

For the New Year, my friend Amanda gave me Luxury Yarn One Skein Wonders! She has been enthusiastically knitting Christmas gifts from this book. What a fantastic gift, especially since my recent knitting projects have had leftovers. These leftovers, unlike the kind that you have after a meal, can make a wonderful new knitted object […]

knittedyarns Read Any Good Knitting Books Lately? – The 2008 Knitting Bookshelf

2008 was a great year for enhancing my knitting library. I attribute this to my interest in learning more about lace knitting and to expanding my other knitting skills.   Here’s the list of knitting books that I acquired this year. I have broadly categorized them.   Lace Knitting  Lace Knitting of Estonia by Nancy […]

knittedyarns Triinu Shawl-3 Nupp Helpful Tips

I am really enjoying knitting the Triinu Shawl from Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia (Word is that it flies off the shelves of yarns stores.) The joy of this project is threefold: knitting lace using a fingerling/sport weight yarn, watching the unusual red/purple colorway evolve, and conquering Estonian nupps. Grignasco’s Top Print is composed […]

knittedyarns Another Knitted Lace of Estonia Fan!

I just bought the only copy of Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia based on Grumperina‘s enthusiastic post about it. I love it! As with other Interweave Books, it gives the reader more than a collection of patterns. It includes explanation as to the history and how Estonia knitters create their shawls including diagrams to understand the basics […]

knittedyarns Mason Dixon Knitting – Brooklyn Bound

I bought the first Mason Dixon Knitting book as the reward for finishing a consulting project. I was enticed by its approach to knitting items for everyday use as well as the After Dark Nightie and Housecoat.   One of my knitting friends sent me their new book, Knitting Outside the Lines, last month when […]