Why I am not joining the 2010 Ravelympics

Having watched the 2006 ¬†Winter Knitting Olympics run by the Yarn Harlot and the 2008 Summer Ravelympics run by Ravelry, I considered joining this year’s Ravelympics. I really wanted to be part of a larger knitting community activity.

Of late, I have been making (and finishing) smaller projects that can be completed in a couple of weeks such as smaller shawls and gaunlets. I thought that a small shawl like Bitterroot might make a good choice, especially since the pale teal Swan Island sock yarn that I bought last summer at Halcyon would be a perfect match.

When I mentioned this to Mr. Husband, he objected which is unusual for him, especially when it comes to my knitting. His reasoning was that my knitting was an area of my life that was supposed to be stress free and participating in a time bound challenge, unlike a complex shawl or sweater pattern, would add stress where there shouldn’t be any.

Since I am about one third of the way through my Frost Diamonds shawl based on my yarn usage and had to start my Ruched Neck Warmer earlier this week, I decided that he had a valid point. Therefore, I hope to finish these two small projects before the end of the Olympics. It’s my own non-competitive version of the Ravelympics. While it lacks some of the fanfare, it hopefully makes up for it with less stress.

Watching the opening Olympics ceremony, I felt a bit wistful but, as I slowly added rows to my Magenta Frost Diamonds, I knew that it was the best thing for my peace of mind.

I wish all of you who are participating the best of luck as I watch from the knitting sidelines as the games begin. Please leave me links in the comments if you want me to follow your progress.

Submitted by Knitted-Yarns Editor-in-Chief

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