Shirley Paden Introduces Her New Book

New York City knitters lined up outside the Lion Brand Studio to hear Shirley Paden introduce her new book, Knitwear Design Workshop. It’s a wonderful compendium that walks would be designers and knitters who want to learn about the design process to help them knit better fitting garments through her knitwear design process. Shirley Paden who made a career shift to being a knitwear designer gives readers insights into the craft.

Shirley Paden  wore an airy white lace mohair shawl based on traditional Shetland patterns over a basic black dress as she gave a visual tour of her garments through the years. What struck me was how generous she was to her students whose work now peppers the pages of Vogue Knitting and Interweave.

Many of the knitters who helped her with this project were on hand and received warm applause to thank them for their work.

A few of the pieces in the book were on view and definitely not for the new knitter.

Detailed Knitting Designs from Shirley Paden's Knitwear Design Workshop

Samples from Shirley Paden's Knitwear Design Workshop Book

While the book comes with a higher than average price tag, I’m sure that you’ll agree that this book is well worth adding to your knitting book collection.

Happy knitting, Knitted Yarns Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Elaine Sue Dworkin

    Dear Ms Paden,

    I have several questions about the pattern DOUBLE LEAVES & TWISTS DUSTER.

    1-On rows 23-26, there is a decrease, but no increase to follow up on the rest of the chart (Row 26-36). Do I decrease and then not follow the rest of the chart or increase in row 27 so that there are 146 sts?

    2- I have completed up to row 40 on the sleeves and have about 6 inches. The pattern says to work 10 more rows which will be about 8 inches or so. I’m sure if I should stop at 6 inches or complete the 10 more rows, as instructed.

    Thank you in advance for your help. I adore this pattern and would love to complete it !!!

    Elaine Sue Dworkin

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