Mobius Cowl Do-Over-5 Mis-shaped Knitting Project Lessons

FInished Object - Purple Malabrigo Mobius CowlRemember ¬†making a mistake while playing a game when you were a kid and you got a do-over? Well that’s what I gave myself with my purple mobius cowl. (Note: A mobius strip is an endless circle with a twist in it.)

My first purple mobius cowl came out very long and skinny since I cast on many, many more stitches to adjust for my smaller needles. I used 40 inch size 4 needles. Unfortunately, using a mobius cast on is impossible to measure effectively as you would a flat piece of knitting.

The original cowl wrapped around my neck about 3 times when finished and quickly grew to over 4 times.  As it kept growing, I wondered whether my neck was going to grow to allow more room for my ever-expanding cowl. The loop went below my knees when unwound.

At that point, I re-read the instructions and realized the error of my ways. The cowl used larger needles since it was knitted using double strands. Since I loved the rich purple silk-merino Malabrigo that I bought in Alexandria, unwound the cowl. Having worn it made it difficult to unravel since the yarn had pilled slightly and my bindoffs where difficult to find and undo.

I must admit the redone piece is a major improvement! I love it so much more than the original. (Actually, it’s so good that my mom asked for it. She figured that I already had the infinity scarf!)

Here’s what I learned from my experience:

  1. Read the entire pattern through carefully, at least once before starting to knit. (Please note that I read the pattern as I always do but somehow didn’t process that using smaller needles and more stitches would not get me the desired effect.)
  2. Check out other knitters’ experiences on Ravelry before starting to knit.
  3. Consider the potential for how the finished product will stretch. (Please note that I rarely wash and block my scarf and shawl swatches.)
  4. Be willing to take apart an item, regardless of how much work it involved to have a better finished result.
  5. Sew in ends in such a way that they will keep the garment together but can be taken out relatively easily to make adjustments (including do overs!)

Based on my experience, I am glad that I had the willingness to rip it out. It helped that I loved the purple Malabrigo!

What do you do in such a situation? Do you keep your piece intact and just move on or do you rip it?

Submitted by Knitted Yarns Editor-in-Chief

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