Magenta Nereid Gauntlets (aka Fingerless Gloves)-3 Modifications

Lion's Brand Organic Merino Nereid Gauntlet

I wanted to make a pair of fingerless gloves/gauntlets this winter. To this end, I bought one skein of magenta organic merino at the Lion Brand Studio. It’s a limited edition yarn targeted at fancy yarn snobs with limited budgets. The $8.00 a ball yarn contains 300 yarns and can be used for a wide variety of projects. While I’m concerned about how the yarn will wear as a pair of fingerless gloves, the project is relatively inexpensive for quick-to-make, one season accessory.

After perusing Ravelery, I discovered that there were many, many  options for knitting a pair of fingerless gloves. I  prefer to call them gauntlets because it congers the image of a romantic medieval knight kissing my hand.

I quickly fell for the Nereid Fingerless Gloves which are based on Cookie A’s Pomatomus Sock pattern from Knitty. I liked the lacy fish scale lace pattern.

While the organic merino’s label calls for a size 6 needle, after several swatches, I found that I needed to use size 1 doublepoints to get the pattern to work. In addition, after several rows of knitting, I needed to restart the project by eliminating one pattern repeat or the gloves would have been way too big.

Here are my modifications:

  1. Small size less one pattern repeat (12 stitches)
  2. One less set of rows to make the gauntlets slightly beyond wrist length. They fit under a jacket without any gaps.
  3. Reduced the thumb stitches by 2 to keep the thumb tight enough.

I love the gauntlets. If I were to make them again, I would make the portion above the thumb shorter since it gets in my way when I work. I made these fingerless gloves specifically to knit on the subway.

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  1. Andrea M.


    I am a beginner knitter, I was wondering if you had the entire pattern for this piece instead of all the various ones you have tagged. Do you remember exactly how you did this glove?



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