Knitting Needle Crisis – Hiya Hiya Circulars Break Mid-project!

Kauna holds knitting despite broken circular knitting needleAs readers of this blog know, I love knitting with circular knitting needles because the are easy to pack in your bag, keep the stitches in place, and don’t poke the person sitting next to you on the subway (where I do a lot of knitting). Unfortunately, if the circular needles break mid-project, you can have a big problem. This is the main reason that I stopped knitting with my set of interchangeable Densies; they kept coming apart midstream.

I have been working on the Delia Revontuli Shawl on my 40″ Hiya Hiyas. I bought them to make the mobius back in November. I selected the Hiya Hiyas since they didn’t contain nickel (to which I am allergic), they had good points, and they were about half the price of the Addis.

When I take my project out of its bag, I realize that the metal needle is no longer attached to the plastic cord. There is about 2 inches of shawl where there are live stitches floating in the air unmounted from the needle. The only bright point to this situation is the fact that I am using Kauni which is a rough yarn that sticks to itself. While this makes it difficult to unravel, it is keeping my shawl in place. I am very disappointed because I liked the Hiya Hiya needles and I have only made three projects with these needles.

I am going to contact Hiya Hiya and see whether they will make good and replace these needles.

PS- I called Hiya Hiya and they said to send the needles back and they would replace them if they broke due to their fault. Of course, it will cost me to send them back and the broken needles have allowed me to move onto other projects.

Happy knitting! Knitted Yarns Editor-in-Chief

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