3 Reasons to Like Magenta Frost Diamonds Shawl

Stephanie Japel's Frosted Diamond Shawl in Cascade Quatro

Frosted Diamond Lace Detail

Stephanie Japel’s Frost Diamonds Shawl was one of the Winter 2009 Knitty pattern that I wanted to make. The Frost Diamonds shawl pattern is intriguing since Stephanie Japel applied her skill at making fitted clothes to a triangular shawl which is generally held in place with a knot or a pin.

To get similar dimensions and better understand the concept, I bought 3 skeins of Cascade Quarto in magenta and purples at Knitty City’s Birthday Sale because I needed worsted weight yarn which I didn’t have in my stash. While I had hoped that the colors of Cascade’s Quartro would create a more lively pattern, I am impressed with the quality of the yarn. This was my first purchase of Cascade.

Here’s three reasons I love Stephanie Japel’s Frost Diamonds Shawl pattern:

  1. Pattern is well written and charted. This is an important factor for any lace project.
  2. Pattern builds from four distinct sections and each one grows organically.  For a lace pattern, it has a lot of stockingknit stitch which can be good for beginning knitters.
  3. Pattern’s lines flow very nicely aided by the worsted weight wool. In other words, the lace portions and the section dividing stitches create strong continuous lines that are difficult to discern at first.

To help you with your Frost Diamonds Shawl, I recommend that you use colored stitch markers effectively. Place the same color markers for each section and a different color for the three spines that separate the sections. Here’s what I mean:

  • A= Spine color
  • B= Section 1 and 3
  • C=Section 2 and 4
  • Place markers as follows:  A B A C A B A C A (Note: Extra repeats within each section are added with each repeat of chart B. This means additional stitch markers.)

Good luck and happy knitting!

Submitted by Knitted Yarns Editor-in-Chief

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