3 Reasons to Knit Revontuli Shawl

Danish made Kauni Yarn Purchased at Stitches East 2009One of my two stash-enhancing purchases made at Stitches East 2009 in Hartford, CT was a 160 gram ball of Kauni yarn in browns and golds. Hidden from view are the orange and maroon variations that come out of the ball like a magician pulling one scarf after another from his assistant. The endless balls of Kauni displayed in a wide range of color options at Stitches were truly eye candy for every knitter.

While I chose the brown-gold variation since it looked good with my skin tone, my friend Delia who I owe a special gift immediately fell in love with it when I showed it to her. It coordinated perfectly with her brown suede winter coat which was in need of a wonderful neckwarming wrap.

Now to be honest, Delia wanted an Infinity Scarf like my pink one. In good faith, I started knitting a lovely lace variation of the Infinity Scarf but after 3-4 repeats (of over 200 stitches), I worried that there wouldn’t be sufficient yarn due to the way the yarn was knitting and that it would be difficult to block. (Of course, in retrospect, I should have knitted the piece as a long rectangle, blocked it and sewed it together.) So off to the ball winder went my first effort.

At this point, I decided to use the Revontuli Shawl pattern that I got with the yarn because I was sure that I had sufficient yarn to make the shawl. My friend Delia will have to wrap the finished object to look like an Infinity Scarf. ┬áPlus, she will have the option to use it as a shawl when it’s warmer out!

With over 1,300 projects on Ravelry, the Revontuli Shawl pattern has lots of followers. In general, I’m not a big fan of being following major knitting trends on the web. Therefore, here are my 3 reasons as to why you should consider making the Revontuli Shawl:

  1. The revontuli shawl is a relatively easy lace pattern. This makes it a good way to ease into lace knitting.  The most difficult stitches are the left and right pointing increases at the beginning and ending of each pattern repeat. Alternatively, it can be your relatively-mindless knitting.
  2. The revontuli shawl has a wonderful fan shape with points to it which varies from the run-of-the-mill triangles.
  3. The revontuli shawl lends itself to the use of striping yarns since it forms semi-rings with points. (Note: You can use multiple colors to achieve this effect as well!)

As a result, I started my Revonluti with gusto since I needed a project that I could throw into my pocketbook and take with me.

I would like to give a tip of my hat to my UWS Knitty buddy at Snit ‘n Knit for her initial inspiration on this pattern.

Submitted by Knitted-Yarns Editor in Chief

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