Washington DC Yarn Adventures

I used my trip to DC as an excuse to shop for yarn (like I really needed an excuse to spend money on more fiber!) I was excited to be able to discover two new yarn sellers who offered more unique product!

Gretchen of Solitude Yarns

Rich colored aran weight yarn

Our first stop was the Sunday Farmers Market at Dupont Circle. The Farmers Market is a more subdued affair than the market at Union Square in New York. Despite being November, the weather was warm and the fall colors were at their peak. We stopped at Solitude Yarns run by Gretchen. Her yarns include both naturally colored yarns and richly dyed colors. These artisan yarns are a bit dear. That said, I was intrigued by a small knitted collar that buttoned. It took one skein of aran weight yarn. I bought a deep royal blue to make a scarf for my husband who doesn’t have any scarves that I’ve knitted. Further, one of the patrons was wearing a wonderful vest that appeared to be knitted in a circle. She took it off and showed us that it was a rectangle with a ribbed edging that was sewn together to form a wonderfully fitted vest. Here’s the closest version on Ravelry

Fibre Space - Yarn Store in Alexandria, VA

Fibre Space Announcements

Yarn eye candy at Fibre Space Alexandria, VA

Malabrigo Worsted & Silk Blend Still in Boxes at Fibre Space

Our next stop was Fibre Space in Alexandria, VA. Fiber Space is on a delightful block of Alexandria. It’s windows were very inviting. The shop has a Jetsons retro-space age feel. One of the highlights is an alcove with a computer so that shoppers can consult Ravelry. Further the shop has a wonderful array of small yarn producers as well as some of the usual standards. I had my heart set on buying something to make a cowl with, preferably a thick yarn. While I was distracted by the wonderful hand dyed fibers and lace weights, I was a woman with a mission.

SInce they were restocking Malabrigo worsted and silk blend yarns, any Malabrigo yarn still in its boxes was 10% off. I bought three skeins of the silk blend in a deep purple to make a mobius cowl. Unfortunately, time ran out faster than my budget. I strongly recommend a visit to Fiber Space. Further, there is seating by the front window which has good light for knitting and other work.

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