Ties that Bind: Hand Knit Scarf's Guest Appearance on Grey's Anatomy

Knitting Needles

Knitting Needles


We recently watched the Elevator Love Letter episode of Grey’s Anatomy where Izzie is operated on for brain cancer.  Interwoven into her story is a Crayola green scarf that she’s seen knitting. Her knitting, which is a plain garter stitch scarf, keeps her grounded while those around her come to grips with her situation. Her last words before her surgery are to give the scarf to Bailey, her mentor.As a knitter, I could appreciate this meditative process. 

It’s a poignant episode where various members of the cast examine their feelings about Izzie. The scarf becomes a metaphor for the ties that bind us together through our relationships each other. 

As knitters, isn’t that a part of why we’re drawn to our craft? Isn’t that why we come together to knit? And why we give gifts of our work as a symbol of our love and caring?

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  1. Jeannie Zeller

    Thanks to a mention in Mary’s (Snit and Knit) blog, I fell into this very cool tale of knitting drawing people together. While not a regular fan of Grey’s Anatomy, I love the part that knitting played in that particular episode. Oh, what the heck! What I am trying to say is knitting rocks and so do the people who knit.

    Happy knitting. :)

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