Thermal Scoop Neck Sweater Front Done

Thermal Scoop Neck Sweater FrontMy  Thermal Scoop Neck Sweater is making progress. Stitch by stitch it keeps growing. One of the changes that I made to Laura Chau’s Thermal Sweater on Knitty is eliminating the button tab on the Scoop Neck. Since I’m knitting the sweater in two pieces rather than the round, I also  needed to modify the neckline. 

Here’s what the neckline looks like. I left the stitches around the neck live to help me when I add on the finishing. I plan to use 6 rows of garter stitch which makesa great border since it lays flat. Also, it matches the bottom and cuffs. 

This neck is more open than many  necklines that I have made. The idea is to allow a lacy camisole to stick out against the soft  white alpaca thermal sweater.  Inspired by lingerie, this feminine look can be adapted to either day time or evening wear.

PS – The front of the sweater is longer than it appears since I photographed it on a chair.

Submitted by Knitted Yarns Editor-in-Chief

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