Thermal Scoop Neck Sweater-First Sleeve

Knitting sleeves can seem endless. Some knitters like my mom, knit sleeves two at a time so that you don’t have to knit the same piece twice. I find it much easier to knit one sleeve at a time. Otherwise, I spend more time untangling the two pieces.

Instead, I keep track of the rows where I make increases and decreases while knitting the first sleeve so that I can make the second sleeve the same size. 

Since my arms tend to be longer than most of the patterns I use, I measure the sleeve before I start and layout the increases so that they occur long the length of the sleeve at reasonable intervals. All it takes is some relatively simple math and voila! 

Here’s the first sleeve (albeit without the cap).


Thermal Scoop Neck Pullover-First Sleeve

Thermal Scoop Neck Pullover-First Sleeve



Submitted by Knitted Yarns Editor-in-Cheif

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