Thermal Scoop Neck Pullover Progresses

Thermal Scoop Neck Pullover Back Finished 


Thermal Scoop Neck Pullover Back Finished

The back of the Thermal Scoop Neck Pullover is finished! I am one third of the way done with the knitting (excluding finishing.) This sweater is taking waaaay longer to knit than I anticipated.  

Every time I start a sweater, I go through a process of swatching and knitting to get the  size and shape to fit.  Since this sweater is knit with thin alpaca yarn on number 2 needles, there’s more rows of knitting per piece. 

As usual, I made significant modifications to the Knitty Thermal pattern. In reality, the initial pattern may only be considered inspiration. Among my modifications are:

  1. Knitted the back and front of the sweater in two parts rather than one piece on circular needles. I did this to get more shaping than the original design. It helps that  I don’t mind sewing sweaters together.
  2. Changed the pattern stitch since I  followed the instructions for circular knitting when knitting the garment flat. I like the way that the stitch has the little ridges that long underwear has.
  3. Made  decreases and increases for side shaping to enhance the pattern rather than rely on the give in the knitted material. (I tracked the rows to ensure that it’s consistent on the front and back of the garment.)  

Since I am concerned that the sweater may not be wide enough, I am adding two stitch repeats to the front of the garment. I’ve done this before and it can be a good way to adjust the size of the garment in process. Given the choice, I prefer to make the front slightly larger than the back.  For this pattern, it should work well with the scoop neck.

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