The Point About Cuffs-Lace edging modified


Lace cuff pinned out

Lace cuff pinned out

To sex up the Thermal Scoop Neck Pullover, I decided to add removable lace cuffs. I took my inspiration from Vicki Square’s The Point About Cuffs in Lace Style. Vicki Square’s pattern is meant to be worn under a blazer. When I checked on Ravelry, there were a mere 13 photos and most knitters weren’t happy with the result.


Therefore, I decided to change the pattern (nothing unusual here). I made it narrower and shorter. Vicki Square’s pattern calls for 5.5 inches of lace and 2.5 inches of ribbing. 

For my grey glittery mohair from Silk City Fibers, my modifications were:

  • Knit lace flat and then seam. Therefore, I added 3 stitches, one selvedge stitch at each end and one to end the pattern on the last pattern repeat. I think that knitting flat helped me to speed up the project since the thread thin lace weight is difficult to manage flat.
  • Reduced the number of stitches to 63 (10 repeats of 6 stitches). This narrowed the cuff.
  • Shortened the cuff. I reduced the lace to 3 inches before blocking.
  • Used 2 rounds of stitch reduction. At row 21, I decreased every other stitch and then repeated the decreases again on row 23. As a result, I had 17 stitches remaining which will make a tighter fit on the ribbing.
  • Changed K2P2 rib to a K1P1 rib to make the cuffs tighter although they will probably need elastic to keep them in place.

While I don’t know how much yarn was used, I used a size 5 needle. Further, I zipped through the project unlike those on Ravelry.


Thermal Scoop Neck Pullover with Lace Cuffs

Thermal Scoop Neck Pullover with Lace Cuffs

P.S. I think that the cuffs will need elastic to stay in place.


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  1. The cuffs look wonderful!

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