Snoods, Cowls and Scarves-Oh my…

Cowls (aka Gators) have arrived as this year’s fashion accessory according to the Wall Street Journal. My knitting group has been making them for years. They’re something that everyone can use in multiple colors. Also, they can be made with small quantities of yarn and are quick to make.

Personally, I hadn ‘t been bitten by the cowl trend until one of my friends sent me this link to a story about Snoods in the Wall Street Journal. Call me old fashioned but I think of snoods as large hairnets to attractively cover your hair. Then I decided that I needed to have at least one. Thanks to my friend Enid, I have added two snoods to my knitting queue. I plan to make a mobius cowl which is distinguished by being an endless surface and an infinity scarf which is an endless scarf.

Using the deep purple Malabrigo silk merino blend that I bought at Fibre Space in Alexandria, VA, I cast on a mobius cowl.I am using the “Easy Missoni Style Long Scarf” pattern which I found on Ravelry. Knitting a mobius requires a special cast on. I found that Cat Bordhi’s YouTube video is invaluable in walking you through the process.

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