Polly’s Pink Sweater

Polly's Sweater at the pool in York Maine

Polly's Sweater at the pool in York Maine

As a rule, I don’t knit for children. Despite the fact that you use less yarn, the items seem to take just as long as an adult project.

Good friends of ours had a baby girl last summer and I decided to make a sweater instead of buying a baby present. I took the one year rule. I figured if it works for weddings, it is good for children. Besides, based on the experience that my siblings had with their children, many ¬†baby gifts either don’t fit and never will or are out grown with record speed. Therefore, I decided to make a child’s sweater so that Polly could grow into it.

I must ¬†admit that I was enticed by the sample of the Eloise sweater in the Lion Brand Studio. It’s make from recycled cotton which comes from t-shirts. The recycled cotton contains about 25% polyester so that it’s machine washable which is a must for any children’s project. They’re dirt magnets and ease of cleaning is important to all parents. Further, the material was soft and there was an enticing pink that looked like a candy cane.

One of the advantages of visiting the Lion Brand Studio is that they have a computer where patrons can download their patterns. In addition, there’s a yarn station where customers can test a variety of Lion Brand yarns. I hear that it’s very popular with FIT students. The store well lit and has special new yarns that Lion Brand is testing but are not available elsewhere.

Having swatched the recycled cotton, I was on target for their gauge. Of course, I had to use a different size needle!

As a small project, I brought Polly’s Sweater with me to Maine to start. My guess was that this small sweater would be done in a week. I underestimated that since I was using cotton, I made sure that I pulled each stitch tight. This added effort made my stitches more consistent but took more time.

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