Planning Knitted Valentine Joy – NYC Yarn Sale at Annie & Co

One way to put the love back into Valentine’s Day is to make something special for your sweetie.

The first Valentine’s Day that I spent with my husband we had agreed not to exchange gifts. We had planned a quiet dinner at home since I was teaching that night.

Packing to leave for class, I got nervous. What if he had gotten me a gift despite our agreement? By this point, the lines at Godiva were out the door and the green grocer’s roses were twice the price that they had been the day before. What was I going to do?

Looking around my apartment, a cone of periwinkle blue silk and wool yarn caught my eye. As I wrapped it, I decided that I would make my boyfriend a sweater. (He already had a sweater that I had made him so I didn’t have to worry about the ¬†boyfriend curse.) To complement my unmade gift, I picked up some orchids which were less expensive than roses.

As it turned, my boyfriend had a surprise for me and I had a surprise for him…a promise of a new handmade sweater.

BTW, to help you those of you who live in New York to spread the love this year, Annie’s is having a 14% off sale from February 8th through 14th on any yarn that is red or pink in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Photo source: Old fashioned valentine by Amber E on Flickr (2198146164_30138f57ea.jpg)

Submitted by Editor-in-Chief Knitted Yarns

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