New Knitting Book for 2009 – aka What to do with the leftover yarn from your larger projects!

For the New Year, my friend Amanda gave me Luxury Yarn One Skein Wonders! She has been enthusiastically knitting Christmas gifts from this book.

What a fantastic gift, especially since my recent knitting projects have had leftovers. These leftovers, unlike the kind that you have after a meal, can make a wonderful new knitted object if you have the right pattern. I often refer to these projects as “recycle” projects since making the initially intended object gives me permission to write off the yarn from my stash.

For those of you who don’t know this little secret about me, I keep a spreadsheet tracking my yarn purchases. To help me reduce my list of UFOs and better track my WIPs (aka Works-in-Progress), I have enhanced the spreadsheet to track WIPs. In this category, I also include items that I’ve committed to make, like the orange double basketweave sweater that I’m making for my husband for Chanukkah 2008.

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