Mom-made Irish Sweater

Handmade Irish Knit Sweater

Handmade Irish Knit Sweater

Look at what I found in the back of my sweater drawer – It’s the Irish knit sweater that my mother made for me when I was in high school. Without going into when that was, my knitting buddies were surprised that I still fit into it. (The trick is that my mother made it large to wear over other clothes.)

While cable stitches are on my list of 2009 knitting challenges, I don’t think that I am going to undertake this level of complex cable and trinity stitches any time soon. My fear is that it will end up as a UFO or worse that I will abandon knitting altogether as I have done in the past when cable stitches got too complex. Also, I am participating in Ravelry’s NaKniSweMo and this type of project may be the only thing that I would knit in an entire year!

I am amazed that my mother made three of these sweaters one for me, one for my sister and one for my brother (although I think that I am the only one who still has the sweater!) Knitting the same sweater over and over would drive me crazy.

It shows that a beautiful piece of handiwork is appreciated and kept regardless of the age of the recipient. This inspires me to keep creating pieces of knitted beauty that others will cherish for years to come and think of as a piece of my love.

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