Knitting Poolside in Palm Springs – Mobius & Lacy Baktus

Knitting in Palm Springs, CA

For a pre-Thanksgiving treat, my mother, my sister and I went to Palm Springs for a few days. Our hotel had a wonderful pool and jacuzzi complete with shaded areas and hammocks. While the days were gloriously sunny, we didn’t think that it was warm enough to go in the water.

Of course, knitting was included and the pool area was an inviting place to knit. In fact, I wasn’t the only knitter there.

To relax, I used the time to work on my Lacy Baktus which I was making for my sister and my Purple Mobius Cowl.

The mobius cowl was a challenge since I had added a significant number of stitches to my cast on since I was using smaller needles. Further, once you start to get more than a couple of inches of fabric, the mobius becomes difficult to slide over the needles as well. But I was determined to finish the mobius on this trip!

I love my new knitting bag which I got at the Web 2.0 show in New York. IBM had a Sweet Tweets exhibit where they gave away old fashioned candy in reusable blue drawstring bags. The bags are the perfect size for a small knitting project.

Palm Springs Poolside - Yarn Optional

Purple Mobius Cowl poolside in Palm Springs

Lacy Baktus grows poolside in Palm Springs

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