Blue Textured Circle Shrug with 4 Modifications

Textured Circle Shrug missing from Lion Brand Display

Textured Circle Shrug missing from Lion Brand Display

I was inspired to knit Stephanie Japel’s Textured Circle Shrug by the knitted sample in the Lion Brand Studio in New York City. I am impressed by the innovative activities that Lion Brand and its studio are offering. They have made the Textured Circle Shrug into a Knit Along (KAL) run by Stephanie Japel. While  I’m late to the party which hasn’t deterred me in the past, it’s a great reference for understanding how to approach this garment.

The Textured Circle Shrug is a combination of a top down cardigan sweater without the front panels. Stitches are then picked up and knit in a circle, hence the name, to create the collar and front panels.  It uses three different stitches–a textured stripe, a simple knit purl rib and seed stitch for an edging.

The ability to try on the completed garment on was the deciding factor for me. While I liked the fit, I didn’t like the way that the textured rib cause me (and my knitting buddies) to look like we had a humped back. As a result, I am making the following changes to the pattern:

  1. Substituting stocking knit stitch for the textured stitch. It will simplify the look.
  2. Extending the sleeves to full length since I am always cold.
  3. Adding a long ribbing section to the sleeves to emulate the circular ribbing on the main part of the shrug. Looking at the finished garments on Ravelry, I think that the sleeves look unfinished since the textured rib stitch just ends. Since it’s a short sleeve that ends at the largest part of the arm, there’s no ribbing.
  4. Finishing the sleeve with a seed stitch ruffle to emulate the main part of the shrug.

I am going to knit it with the Tess Designer Yarns Superwash Merino that I bought last May at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I have two skeins (1,160 yards in total) which will be sufficient.

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