Another Spin on Free Knitting Projects…

In her April 7th ┬ápost entitled “Free Knitting Now, …” on the Mason Dixon Knitting blog, Ann makes a strong case for looking through your pile of UFOs to work up new enthusiasm for these forgotten projects. Going through your closets and other hiding places to collect your partially finished projects enables you find a treasure trove of potential knitting projects. Since the materials for these projects were purchased in the past, they are essentially FREE!

Another way to extend your knitting stash that doesn’t require any monetary investment is to have a yarn swap with your knitting buddies. The great part of a yarn swap is that it allows you to go through your stash and rediscover the yarns that you really love and forgot about as well as to give yarns that you no longer want a new home. Perhaps you got a great deal on some end of season balls of wool or can no longer stand the three bags of lime green eyelash that you made all of your holiday gifts from a few years back, just pack them off.

In return, you get to enhance your collection with yarns that your friends no longer want. It’s a great win-win. Recently, a few of my knitting friends have hosted these types of events and it’s been a great boon to my stash. Further, it’s allowed me to get rid of yarns that I no longer wanted.

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