A is for Armholes

Inspired by my friend Mary at the Knit and Snit blog, I’m joining another Ravelry Group, the ABC-Along 2009.

A is for  armholes. Havng grown up with sleeves that were never long enough, it seems that almost every sweater I knit I make the sleeves too long. In part, this is due to the fact that I space the increases on the sleeve to extend the length to fit my arms. I have found that some patterns space the increases for the beginning of the sleeve and may end just after the elbow making a big step at the end. (Of course, by the time, the sweater is knitted and sewn in place it’s too late to change!)

Pam Allen wrote a great article on armholes in the Winter 2007 issue of Interweave Magazine called “Beyond the Basics: Set-In Sleeves: A Love Affair”. More recently, in the process, I temporarily sew the sleeves together and tried them on in the process to ensure a better fit. Here’s picture showing one of my recent sweaters with its perfect-fit arms and armholds.

Saffron Tunic With Adjusted Arms and Armholes

Saffron Tunic With Adjusted Arms and Armholes

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  1. Beautiful sweater!

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