7 Reasons to Like Subway Knitting


Grand Central Station Subway Sign

Grand Central Station Subway Sign

New York City subway rides can be long and boring, especially on weekends when it seems like at least one of the trains that you need to take is being re-routed for system repairs. I find that keeping a small knitting project in my bag is a great way to make every trip pleasurable.  Here are my reasons:


1] Helps make trips go faster. It beats cursing at the train that is running late.

2] Gives other subway riders a reason to engage with me. It never ceases to amaze me that people are more open to talking when you’re knitting on the subway. There’s nothing like holding a pair of sharp sticks to get a conversation going.  New Yorkers are very friendly, contrary to what you may believe.  You just need to give them a reason to start an exchange. 

3] Reduces stress. Instead of worrying why the train is stopped indefinitely at Times Square for no apparent reason, I can happily knit while others around me are getting mad. 

4] Allows me to make progress on boring knitting projects, particularly scarves. When the scarf reaches to my lap, I put the finished portion in the project bag along with the ball of yarn.

5] Amuses otherwise cranky children who seem are intrigued by the process of knitting. 

6] Influences your fellow subway riders to give you space, which can be a scarce commodity in New York City.

7] Makes me feel like I got a fun break because I had time to do something pleasurable in my otherwise busy day.

Do you knit on public transportation? If so, why do you like knitting on subways or other public transportation?  

Stay tuned for the upcoming 5 Helpful Hints for Subway Knitting.

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Submitted by Heidi Cohen, Editor-in-Chief of Knitted Yarns

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