5 Suggestions for the Hemlock Ring Blanket-Finished Object!

My Hemlock Ring Blankie is finished. What a sense of accomplishment I feel. My husband is amazed that I’m willing to give it to our friends as a house gift for their relatively new cabin in the woods.

Unlike other lace pieces, I am not blocking this one using wires and pins. Instead, I am using an iron and wet cloths to steam it. I am concerned about the space and time required to allow the blanket to dry fully.

My suggestions for others setting out to make a Hemlock Ring Blankie are:

  1. Think about how big the piece will get. For most knitters, this means that it will not be a project that you carry around with you.
  2. Consider whether you want it to be one color or not. My color palette was determined for me. I had gotten 5 skeins of the handspun wool at a yarn swap. As a result, I needed a way to make the colors go together. The pattern lends itself to changing colors with each ring of the feather and fan repeats. You can use a larger variety of colors. My constraint was that the lavender colored yarn didn’t go with the red colored yarn if they were placed next to each other.
  3. Make sure that you have needles, either using multiple sets or a set of interchangeable ones to be big enough to hold the stitches. Otherwise, you wind up spending time moving the stitches.
  4. Test or swatch before starting to ensure that the center of your ring will lay flat when you’re finished with the piece.
  5. Have fun with it.

Here are some photos so that you can see how it turned out.

Hemlock Ring Blanket Finished-It’s more even than it appears

Hemlock Ring Blanket- One petal of detail

Submitted by Knitted-Yarns Editor-in-Chief

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