5 Helpful Hints for Subway Knitting


NYC Subway Turnstile Entrance

NYC Subway Turnstile Entrance

For those of you who KIP (aka as Knit in Public) on subways and other forms of public transportation, here are some suggestions to help ensure that you make progress on your knitting. 

1] Always carry your work in a project bag, even if it’s only a recycled plastic bag from the grocery store.

2] Keep the bag hooked on your arm so that you’re ready to exit fast and don’t leave your precious knitting on the train. I have had fellow passengers hand me a run away ball of yarn.

3] Use circular needles since it’s easier to keep your work on them without loosing stitches. Also, they ‘re less intrusive and don’t knock into the people who may be squished into the seat next to you.

4] Keep pattern work to a minimum. Scarves and other relatively mindless knitting are prime choices. That said, I have learned to do less complicated lace patterns once I learn the rhythm of the pattern.

5] Leave your work at a good stopping place (this requires paying attention to the conductor so that you know when your stop is called.)

Lace Ribbon Scarf Knitting in 86th Street IRT Subway

Lace Ribbon Scarf Knitting in 86th Street IRT Subway

 Knitting While Waiting for the Subway at West 86th Street

Do you have any other ideas that might help other KIP knitters that you would like to share? If so, please add your comments .

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Submitted by Heidi Cohen, Knitted Yarns Editor-in-Chief

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