4 Suggestions for Reducing Your UFO Pile-Another UFO becomes FO

Navy Mohair Lace Scarf Detail

Navy Mohair Lace Scarf Detail

Many of my projects that wind up in the UFO pile are projects that are too difficult or the yarn is working well with the pattern or the new bright shiny object project has eclipsed my interest.

Lately, I found that I needed an easy-to-knit project that’s portable. A carry along project. The navy lace scarf was perfect. As a result, I was able to get into the project again and to push myself forward. The blue lace scarf’s four line repeat was easy to pick up and get into.

When picking up a project that’s been languishing in your UFO pile, it can be difficult to recapture your initial enthusiasm. Further, depending on how and why you left it in the dark recess of your UFO basket, you may not be able  to figure out what you were doing so that you will need to spend some time reacquainted yourself with the project and the pattern.

4 recommendations for reducing your UFO pile (Hint: Most of the work happens before it becomes a UFO!)

I find that UFOs take up mental space insofar as they are just out there as things I need to do or should do. Here are my suggestions for reducing the pile.

  1. Make sure that you keep notes on your copy of the pattern so that it’s easier to pick up. Keep the copy in the same bag as your knitting.
  2. Track rows so that you can associate you work to the pattern easily.
  3. Consider finishing a UFO when you’re looking for a new project. They’re  easy to finish projects since UFOs  are partially finished.
  4. When  you’re not going to finish the project, consider frogging it. I realize that this can be a difficult decision which is why the project wound up in the UFO basket in the first place. This is particularly important for patterns where they are no longer a style you like, the pattern is too difficult, or you no longer care about the person the project was intended for. Then rewind the wool so that it can become an enticing item.

What do you do to reduce your UFO list?

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