Yarn Harlot in Park Slope Brooklyn

To celebrate her newest book, Free Range Knitter, the Yarn Harlot made a stop at the Barnes & Noble in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  Before committing to the expedition, I consulted both Google maps and HopStop to determine how complicated the journey might be.  To understand a Manhattan-based knitter’s conundrum regarding whether or not to make the trek out to the outer borough known as Kings County, it’s important to consider that anywhere outside their home base is a long trip. (Never mind that it can be a mere short hop across one of the rivers that border our wonderful island.)

After much internal debate, I decided to make the trip. Knowing that the Yarn Harlot can attract a sizeable audience, I left early to get a seat. Arriving a half hour early, I managed to get the last seat (although several others appeared before the reading.)


Yarn Harlot in Barnes & Noble in Park Slope (aka Brooklyn)

Yarn Harlot in Barnes & Noble in Park Slope (aka Brooklyn)


Stephanie was amusing as usual and the audience was full of knitters who used the time to make progress on their respective projects, many of which were socks. I worked on my shawl.

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