Wedding Shawl and Honeymoon Cami Finished

I’m in the midst of wedding prepartion frenzy! Family and friends are arriving and we’re still making decisions about the wedding so this is a quick post update on the wedding shawl.

I finished it just in time to allow for blocking! I decided that necessity outweighed length since the wedding wasn’t going to wait for a longer shawl. Besides, it’s not the main event. It’s in case the restaurant is too cool.

Instead of a knitted border, I made a single crocheted edge. I am proud of it despite the few misformed diamonds.

In addition, I finished the Honeymoon Cami that I made in white silk. Despite multiple fittings where I took the piece off of the needles, I think that it’s a bit tight even for a honeymoon.

Note: Pictures will need to appear after the honeymoon…

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