Wedding Present Number Two – Lace Ribbon Scarf Becomes A Shawl

I gave my sister the light grey lace weight wool that I had initially intended to make my wedding shawl from. It is 70% angora and 30% silk fingering weight by Catherine Van Laake’s Loom in Essence Atelier. I have 830 yards which should be sufficient for a rectangular lace shawl that’s at least 60 inches long.


I had brought the wool from Knitty City’s sale bin since it was the perfect color to go with my wedding dress. Unfortunately, when I brought my swatch back to Knitty City to get some knitting help, I was told that the angora wouldn’t be good with my highly beaded wedding dress.


Angora & Silk Lace Weight Yarn from Knitty City

Angora & Silk Lace Weight Yarn from Knitty City

 My sister was thrilled with the idea of a knitted present. She is the recipient of numerous knitted gifts.

Having spent hours pouring through my books on lace shawls, I had found a stitch that I thought would make an interesting piece. When I showed it to my sister, she preferred the scarf that I was wearing (my Koigu Lace Ribbon Scarf).


Therefore, I used Veronik Avery’s pattern as the basis. Based on my wedding shawl, I knew that I needed about 100 stitches and added a garter stitch border. I used 97 stitches including a 4 stitch garter border (with 8 rows at the beginning and end. I am using Addi Lace needles size 3. I could probalby have used larger needles.

I showed my sister one set of 24 rows so that she could approve the shawl.


Ribbon Lace Scarf Expanded to Shawl Width

Ribbon Lace Scarf Expanded to Shawl Width


 Hopefully, I will get it done before the end of the year. It’s great since the light grey is not only neutral but also one of the in colors this season.

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