Vacation Knitting-Woodstock Sweater

So far this year, I haven’t been knitting at my usual knitting output. I attribute this to my upcoming wedding and the fact that I have tried to knit things for my wedding and honeymoon. Several of which have taken time in terms of swatching and abadon projests. I think that the emotional stress of the wedding is seeping into my knitting. I gave myself permission to take a vacation for knitting white and wedding things.

For spring break, we’re headed to Bonaire which is north of Venezuela for my finance’s birthday where he can windsurf and I will sit on the beach and knit and read. Since Bonaire tends to be less tourist oriented unless you dive, snorkel or windsurf, it requires multiple planes and long connection times which translates more knitting time!

For my vacation project, I’ve chosen the Woodstock Sweater from Jean Moss’ Sculptured Knits. It is a cropped short sleeve top. The pattern calls for mercerized cotton and luckily I have sufficient amount in my stash in a pink sand color acquired last year at Silk City Fibers.

The Woodstock Sweater is great for it’s wave pattern that’s knit in a combination of stocking knit, reverse stocking knit and K1P1 rib with some yarn overs for decoration. This gives the knitting a three dimensional look. Since my gauge is larger, I am making the top longer which I think that I will like better.

2 Responses to “Vacation Knitting-Woodstock Sweater”

  1. Georgia

    So Heidi, how much knitting did you do onyour honeymoon?

  2. Danny

    Just want to say that I enjoyed your write up of Silk City.

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