Thanksgiving Includes Knitting

The Thanksgiving holiday is a good time to take a few days and turn inwards. For me, this means time with family and knitting. I planned to finish knitting my purple Chevron sweater, attend The Point’s Post-Thanksgiving Sale, and have a few friends over to knit and enjoy some holiday baking while we appreciated having Friday off.


This year, we made our first thanksgiving dinner. Since I haven’t ever made a thanksgiving dinner, I used the holiday as an excuse to bake. I made two apple breads, two ginger pumpkin pies (starting with two sugar pumpkins), apple crisp (since I don’t like apple pie) and a fruit compote. I left the turkey and vegetables to my husband. My mother brought her cornbread pudding which substituted for stuffing.


I got to The Point’s Post Thanksgiving Sale in time to take advantage of their 30% off discount. I was surprised to find that the store was relatively quiet when I arrived. It gave me time to think about my purchase. Despite my desire for some gold colored Brooklyn Handspun, I was persuaded that it was a poor color choice for my skin tone. I could hear my mother’s famous code words “I’ve seen you look better in clothes” in my head. As a result, I bought two skeins of reddish Brooklyn Handspun to make a shawl for me.


Later Friday afternoon, several of my knitting buddies stopped by to knit, drink and enjoyed apple bread and pumpkin pie. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon away from the Black Friday rush.

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