Surprise Birthday Present – Evelyn Clark’s Shetland Triangle

One of the members of our Saturday Knitting Group at The Point is an avid fan of lace shawls. She tends to use luscious wools that many of us drool over. As a gift, she had knit Evelyn Clark’s Shetland Triangle from Interweave’s Wrap Style in a lavender cashmere. The clincher for me was the fact that she knitted it in a week!


Since I have a friend’s copy of the book lingering on my shelf on a long term lend, I thought that this would make a great present. I need a present and have some wonderful moss green linen that I bought on Memorial Day at Purl by the Sea. It’s Berroco’s NaturLin which is 45% linen and 55% rayon. I have 5 hanks or 575 yards, slightly more than the pattern calls for.


I am amazed at how fast it’s knitting up! The pattern is a relatively simple repeat that has five different changes for the first few stitches. Since it’s a shawl, I didn’t make a swatch since if it blocks out larger, it won’t make a difference. I’m using a size 4 needle which is two sizes down from the label.


The pattern has 100 rows but my knitting seems to be using less yarn so that I’ve knitted about 70 rows with one ball of linen. I plan to keep knitting until I have used about 3 skeins and then I will finish it off.


Berroco NaturLin From Purl By the Sea

Berroco NaturLin From Purl By the Sea


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