Stephen Colbert Segment Highlights Subversive Knitter

For those of you who may have missed it, Stephen Colbert featured a knitter in a piece titled “Nailed ‘Em-Radical Knitting”  during the December 3rd show. The segment shows a knitter who uses her knitting to create art that conveys a political message. 

Stephen Colbert’s Colbert Report is a mainstay of our television viewing (aka my knitting time (although this show requires more visual attention than most programs)). Ever since we attended the filming of the first show back in October 2005, we’ve loved Colbert’s sharp wit, strong writing team, and abilityto maintain his on-air personality. (It  also helps that we share his political perspective!)

This wasn’t Stephen Colbert’s first encounter with the knitting world. He had already had a knitting pattern named for him. The Stephen Colbert Socks are included in the new Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines . Despite my limited sock knitting, this pattern is on my list for my 2009 Knitting Projects since I keep promising my husband another pair of hand knit socks.

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