Stash Enhancement-President's Weekend Sale at The Point

The Point used President’s Day to clean out its winter inventory. According to Manager Patty Lyons, there was a line of knitters waiting for her when she arrived to open up. Most of the time that I was there, there was a line to check out.  One woman happened to come in to purchase some needles to sew a piece together and abandoned her purchase due to the wait!

By the time I arrive, some of my favorite fibers had been picked over due to the major discounts. In particular, I had planned to purchase Noro’s Sakura, a varigated fiber which has silk wrapped portions. I’ve made a tank top/vest and a sweater from it and love the ability to make the stitches pop out by reversing the stitches (i.e. purl instead of knit). I did manage to get 5 skiens in a black and grey color way which is enough for a woman’s tank top that will look great under my grey and black suits!

I expanded my purchases to include Noro Daria, a cord like fiber, which was discounted 75%! I bought 3 skeins of a blue/purple colorway for my friend Amanda who has been making handbags. I found 8 skiens another two jewel colorways in greens and magenta which I purchased to make a top. I figure if I use the colors creatively the difference will look intentional! Although since my purchase, I am considering using the fiber for yippot for my wedding. I will combine it with some gold fiber from Silk City Fibers to make truly memorable keepsakes!

Lastly I bought a cotton/silk Noro called Lilly. Since I prefer to buy sufficient yarn for a project, generally a sweater, I purchased 6 skiens of a fushia, blue, orange colorway and 4 skiens of orange. This way I will have enough to make a long sleeve sweater. I will integrate the two colors. In the sunlight, the orange is very bright but the two colors work together.

All in all, it was a fun shopping experience!

Note to self: Arrive early for next sale at The Point to get prime choices!

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