Silk Ribbed Lace Corset

With the new year, I started swatching new projects, in particular, Annie Modesitt’s Silk Ribbed Lace Corset,  I feel like I’m in swatching hell since I don’t have a project that I’m involved with. (Note to self: Remember to start swatching the next project before you finish everything in your knitting basket!) 

I found the Silk Ribbed Lace Corset while perusing Ravelry. There was a photo of one that a fellow knitter used for her wedding dress and I decided to follow suit.

Due to the importance of the garment, I have 10 balls of Jaeger 100% silk that I got at Webs last summer in an ivory which will be perfect for the occassion! In addition, I ordered some white silk that is similar to ArtYarns from Sarah’s Yarns. Since this is for the wedding and I have more silk than I need, I’m trying a variety of swatches.

I bought the pattern as a download but it has a very strange configuration. Fortunately, I figured out how to copy it into another document so that the order makes sense!  As a result, the pattern appears more difficult that it really is.

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