Nups in Training-Lily of the Valley Shawl

For my wedding, I decided to make a lace shawl for one of the related services. After spending time with Victorian Lace Today and Lace Style, I plan to make the Lily of the Valley pattern in Zephyr from Jaggerspun purchased from Sarah’s Yarns.

Having been warned about the nups, which are five stitches in one that are purled together on the reverse side, I¬†finally took the plunge and made a swatch. I ripped the first one and retried the pattern. I think that I’m on my way. The trick is figuring out how to knit the five stitches loosely enough to be able to remove them cleanly.

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  1. I read something on ravelry about kntting the nups and it works quite well. Instead of p5tog try sl2, p3tog, psso2. It comes out the same.

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